BlackBox Cosmetics with Marie Gagne

BlackBox Cosmetics skin care products are aloe based, toxin and paraben free and contain organic and botanical extracts and nutrients at the highest levels.

BlackBox Cosmetics products are the most advanced of their kind. They are much higher in active compounds/nutrients, free of toxins, better for the environment, and air/light protected. They are often considerably less expensive than most products that were created on a base of water (75%), have few nutrients/active compounds, and contain parabens, formaldehyde releasers, allergens, and/or sulfates.

Our products were created to appeal to both women and men. They are lightly scented with non-floral essential and fragrant oils and offered in the most innovative and exciting non-gender biased packaging in the cosmetics industry. Our packaging saves our customers money with the ability to purchase reduced-price refills on most products. Last but not least, our customer service is unparalleled and just as important as our amazing products and income opportunity.

Our products include skin care, hair care, bath soaps, deodorants, insect repellents, and self-tanners. Our new nutraceuticals will be introduced in the coming months for total body nutrition, inside and out! We are confident you will agree that BlackBox Cosmetics is worlds apart from the competition.

Marie Gagne

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