Canadian Direct Sales Directory – British Columbia

British Columbia Canada direct sales / party plan company directory. Check out the businesses listed below. Click on the link for any company to view more information and contact the Rep listed.

Arts & Crafts

Monika Blichar's Art Boutique
Do something different with Monika Blichar's Art Boutique! Pick from artsy leggings, accessories, native art, jewellery, soaps, & online art classes ranging from ages 5 & up!
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Beauty & Cosmetics & Skincare

Contact: Alyssa Cruzen
Not only can our exclusive products give you awesomely vibrant, healthy hair, you can use them with confidence. Our naturally based products do not contain parabens, sulfates, DEA/MEA, phthalates, PEG, harsh salt systems, silicones, or harmful colors and fragrances. We are Modern Nature, and proud of it.
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Contact: Sheri Wilcox
Take your regimen to the next level with the latest product breakthroughs from Neora. Don’t cover the years with makeup. Make up the years with Neora. Order today! Shop Our Products. Learn More. Find Your Brand Partner. Types: Skin Care, Wellness, Real Results.
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Essential Services: Telecommunications, Energy, Cyber Security, etc

Contact: Daisy Kaur
Your Ideas. Your design. Your life. Internet. Energy. Wireless. What if we told you these essential services could be a step to building the life you'd love to live? With ACN, you don't sell trendy widgets or budget-busting services. ACN focuses on essential services that people already use and pay for.
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Food & Kitchen

Sunset Gourmet
Contact: Terry Baumle
Sharing Sunset Gourmet in the kitchens of Canadians is a passion and love of mine. Fantastic flavours and simplicity of creating gourmet products in your home makes everyone look like a chef! From the beverage to the dessert, everything is covered in this catalogue. Having 48 out of 60 products that are gluten free also adds to the popularity of this product.
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Contact: Joanne States, Independent Watkins Manager #546766
If you’re like me and shopping online more lately, why not shop with a discount? Watkins has been in the business of providing affordable, high-quality, natural ingredient-based products for 151 years!
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Contact: Shannon Ram
From innovative kitchen products to a flexible and fun business opportunity. Join us, host a party, shop online, find great recipes & more.
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Health & Wellness

Contact: Sandra Meldazy Toms
At Modere, our unique social retail business model focuses primarily on attracting, retaining and growing retail customers on-line and in person.
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Contact: Barbara Dole
We connect people to PRODUCTS by bringing unique, exclusive items to our community. We constantly look for new ingredients, new discoveries and new technologies that are credible and provide value – then create new brands to bring to our community. Modexus is relentlessly committed to clean, effective, environmentally sound products in all current and coming brands.
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ItWorks! Global
Contact: Tammy Felker
Body Applicator - Skin Care - Greens - Oils. It Works™ Independent Distributor. Save 40% Get Started Today. Join The Party. Types: Beauty, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Sale. It Works! Facial. It Works! Keto Coffee. It Works! Greens. It Works! Keto Energy. It Works! Products.
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Contact: Anita L. Colon
Be Your Best Self Ever and help others do the same!  Take a look at this young company that offers high-performance lifestyle products.  Thousands have already experienced improved health benefits, weight loss, energy and focus, better sleep, enhanced moods and so much more! Earn 50% retail and Lifestyle bonuses instantly! Leadership and Team Support like no other company I've ever seen.
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Happy Products / Elevacity
Contact: Brooke Malensek
Have you been searching for a way to make an income from home? Elevacity & Elepreneurs is the perfect vehicle. Get paid for sharing great health and wellness products that are changing people’s lives. Get these products at below wholesale when you become an Elepreneur and get your Virtual Business System.
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Hempworx / My Daily Choice
Contact: Brooke Malensek
HempWorx products are made from industrial hemp plants grown on American farms. Cannabidiol (CBD), a constituent that naturally occurs in industrial Hemp, is just one of over 85 cannabinoids that is identified in the cannabis plant. Our oil is CO2 extracted resulting in a solvent free, pure extract. I want to help you get started with your business! Sign up as a free affiliate or upgrade to make more money!
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Hobbies, Games & More

Diamond Painting Therapy
Contact: Tamara Carmichael
Diamond painting is a therapeutic hobby that can reduce your anxiety and stress. It is a craft similar to cross stitch and paint by numbers where you place a color coded diamond on the pattern of a canvas. When you are completed it makes a beautiful gift or art work to hang on your wall! You get a free tool kit with each diamond painting.
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Nails & More

Gel Moment
Contact: Lisa Maslyk
Going to the Salon to get your nails done can be time consuming and also expensive. Not to mention it leaves your nails damaged and weak! This easy 1 step process is so much better for your nails, non toxic and gentle enough for kids to use! Find out what all the excitement is about!
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Contact: Jennifer Wilbon Corser
How often does one get to be part of a GROUND FLOOR opportunity. We are currently are just over 90 days old and already ranked #10 as the fastest growing company of 2019 per "". I am searching for motivated individual that are wanting to be part or this amazing company IBUUMERANG. We are to the travel/tech industry as UBER is to the taxi industry.
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