Luminess Air with Teri L. Thomas – Direct Sales Company

Luminess Air was created for a simple reason to fulfill a simple need – enabling women everywhere to get a flawless makeup application that’s easy to use, gives a professional finish, and allows everyone, regardless of their skill level to look and feel great.

Founded by current CEO and Chief Innovation Officer, Sean Mehta, Luminess Air has constantly challenged a beauty industry dominated by traditional cosmetics – creating solutions for everyday needs, and delivering results that historically were only achievable by professionals. Mr. Mehta spent most of his career in the fashion and garment industry, creating collections for some of the most prestigious retailers. During his time in this industry, Mr. Mehta spent many days at catalog photo shoots, where he witnessed first hand the transformational power of airbrush cosmetics. At each shoot, the same questions came to mind – If Airbrush gives the best results, why doesn’t every woman in America use one? And, why can’t an airbrush system be designed that’s easy-to-use, small enough to be portable and have a place on every bathroom counter? With that Luminess Air was born, and ever since the brand has been on a constant Journey to redefine not only airbrush cosmetics, but the cosmetics and beauty industry itself.

Today, the brand remains the #1 global brand in Airbrush Cosmetics with over 2 million Airbrush systems sold world wide and continues to be recognized by industry experts as category innovators.

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