Monat with Alyssa Cruzen



Monat stands for Modern Nature.
We are a naturally-based haircare and skincare company.

Monat haircare is essentially like vitamins for your hair. These products heal from root to end using essential oils. The best part is that they are naturally-based and don't contain all the chemicals found in typical products. The are for all hair types and truly can help with so many hair issues (thinning, balding, limp/flat hair, dry, frizzy, oily, split ends, growing length, or just healthier hair).

What makes Monat hair products SO special/unique/different than anything else on the market...

Other hair products sit on the cuticle of the hair shaft but Monat products work on a molecular level. They are able to penetrate the hair shaft down to the center layer... This is how they are able to heal both your hair and scalp! The products are literally putting all the good amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils back into the hair. The ability to penetrate the hair shaft is
what make Monat SO unique and a huge game changer for everyone who uses it! It it literally a healthcare line for your hair! It can heal your hair from the inside out!

Monat skincare products are naturally based as well! We have products for those with normal, dry, oily, and combination skin! They are wonderful and people have seen truly incredible results with them!

We just launched our skincare products in September 2019, sold over $4 million in 36 hours. Then sold out and had a waitlist of about 13,000 people. Can you tell people love and trust our products? Most of us hadn't even tried them yet!

- Monat was started by a family with a huge heart! That heart and family is still at the center of the company. They are extremely generous towards customers, Market partners, the communities in which we exist, and many causes around the world!
- Our team is one of the fastest growing teams in the company! We all work together, help each other, and have an incredible support system and network! You will have everything you need to succeed including one-on-one coaching with me, team trainings, and more!
- We have an amazing compensation plan and can get paid 10 different ways!Monat pays out 50% to us! We get paid every Friday, plus bonuses on the 15th.
- People on our team have done this to pay for groceries, pay the rent/mortgage, pay for family vacations, to fund adoptions or infertility treatments, to stay home with their kids, to start non-profit organizations, and follow other dreams of theirs! Whatever your goals, they are
- We are a young (yet far enough along to be established) company, not over-saturated, and many people still haven't heard of us. We are growing like crazy and making waves in the beauty industry! The time to get in is now! Pretty soon everyone you know will have heard of us. What if you could be the one spreading the word and earning because of that?
- I can't wait to hear about your goals and help you reach them!

Other facts about Monat
1. We are the #1 Premium haircare company in the US. After 4 years, we have less than a 1% return rate!
2. We are on track to be the #1 overall premium haircare brand in the US.
3. We have expanded internationally and just scratching the surface on the global expansion (we are currently in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Poland). We have expanded into the UK which has incredibly high standards. This gives our brand and our products even more credibility!
4. This is a consumable product that can be used by the entire family (men, women, children, and even pets) so we have a massive market.
5. The compensation plan is like none other out there and sets us up for incredible success. From bonuses to commissions to the car program, the comp plan sets us up to make some serious money.
6. TIMING IS EVERYTHING – the company is in the 5th year and the growth is just beginning.
7. We are part of an amazing team that is giving us tools and training to keep it simple and help us succeed.
8. The company was started debt-free and we own our manufacturing facilities in Florida!

Alyssa Cruzen