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Perfectly Posh

Perfectly Posh shares great products all over the USA through amazing Independent Consultants. We’ve enjoyed tremendous success and growth in just a few short years as we build a place where we can come together, be ourselves, and share something we’re passionate about: Pampering.

Everything we offer is under $25!! We also offer $5 flat rate shipping no matter how big or small your order may be. Buy 5 products and get the 6th product FREE always! (excludes $4 lip balms).


1. PAMPER YOURSELF A bag of goodies just for YOU. Be trained on the best way to both indulge and talk about why the products, ingredients, and experience are special.

2. SHARE THE EXPERIENCE Next, you have a bag of goodies you can take to your friends—the only thing better than a pampering experience is SHARING that experience with the people you love!

3. MAKE POSH WORK FOR YOU This bag has some classic Posh products for social selling. Begin building your business and earning as you develop relationships with customers and new team members.

Our products are proudly manufactured in the USA.
We source and blend quality ingredients from all across this great country to bring you the best products for your pampering pleasure.

We use the best ingredients on earth sourced from around the globe in our products. While on your pampering pursuit, you’ll see and feel the difference our quality natural butters, oils, fruits, and flowers will make.

We believe simplicity improves quality. No matter the product, we don’t use irritating or controversial ingredients or fillers.
Rest assured that only the best quality natural ingredients go into our products.

For anyone looking to avoid animal ingredients, we offer a wide variety of vegan products. Our vegan options still contain all natural, high quality ingredients for the best pampering experience.

We stand behind using the best ingredients in our products, so we don’t need to test our products on animals. Our products are cruelty free and perfect for pampering.

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Commission Payouts:
You start out making 20% on everything you sell. You will start out as a Protege. Once you sell $1000, you will move up to a Pink and your commission goes up to 25%. Commissions will increase as you get new recruits, total and company volume etc. We payout WEEKLY!

Perfectly Posh get paid weekly

Cost to Join:
$99 plus tax and shipping

Kit Contents:
Kits vary monthly but will include $250 in products along with business materials.

Website Fees:
Always FREE


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