PURELY by Kay Rose – Direct Sales

Ground floor opportunity: Be one of the first to join PURELY™ in your state. Right now, there are only 500 or so active reps across the country! Imagine what it could mean to you and your family to be in a new company where you are among the very first in your state to offer Purely products. We are debt-free. We have an experienced advisory panel of long term industry professionals and executives. We are past our learning phase and into our growth phase.

Products: We are a company that puts the safety of your family and the planet first. Our product line is safe and free from harmful chemicals. We have the highest grade essential oils, body care products for women and men, diffusing lockets, and our incredible organic extra virgin olive. From our luxury goat milk hand + body lotion, our incredible bath soaks, our pure hyaluronic acid, our men's care line, our skincare for women, there is something for everyone. (Message me for what I am using to get beautiful skin. Our products work and work very well!)

Compensation Plan: One of the best I have seen in the industry. You earn from 25 - 35% commission for every purchase you or one of your customers make. You can earn $1,000 worth of free products in our Fast Start program. We have rank advancement bonuses that start at $100 and go up to $7,000! We have a Mercedes car allowance program where you can qualify and bank the money until you are ready to get the car. We have team bonuses, generation bonuses, and a turbo infinity bonus where you can earn up to 1% on every single person in your downline. (For leaders, this can be a very large addition to your paycheck.)

Training: Way too often people will sign up and not receive any support from their sponsor. Selecting the right sponsor can make all the difference in whether you are successful or not. I train and coach those who want to build their businesses. As a Director in my former company, I know exactly what needs to be done to reach the top and how to get there. I will help you get there if this is your goal. You are not in business by yourself - unless you want to be.

Mission: Through our PURELY™ foundation, we make regular charitable donations to organizations dedicated to ending the enslavement of some 30 million men, women, and children currently held captive around the world. Together, we can make real progress towards correcting a horrible injustice.

Kits: When people receive our kit, their first reaction is "WOW - I can't believe I got all this stuff!!"

Our standard "Get Started Fast" kit is $149 and includes over $475 in product and business supplies. We will give you a second kit, called our "Get Started Right" kit for FREE which has over $270 of extra products and business supplies when you pre-schedule your launch party and pre-book 4 parties. (This is also called our L+4 kit.)

We have found that those that "Get Started Right" are set up for success right from the start. A little shy about doing a party? Don't be! We have a system for parties that is scripted, fun, and very easy to do.

Joining the Team: Ready to join? Congratulations! Click on "Join Us" on my website, then scroll down on the left and submit your party dates under the "Submit Launch Parties" button. You'll receive an email with a unique code that you will then enter when you click on the "Enroll Now" button on the right. Some browsers will ask you for my Sponsor ID, it is 832991. If you contact me, I can walk you through the process. This journey is fun, easy, and can be very lucrative! Welcome!!

Kay Rose
Direct to Corporate