Saponify Naturals with Amy

Saponify Naturals
Amy Jacobellis
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Truly Ground Floor Opportunity!
Ground floor, but with an established business. 35 consultants as of April 23, 2018.
This could really turn out to be the next really big direct sales company. All the products are handmade in the USA, no waiting for the slow boat from China for your products to come in!
This company has just opened a Direct Sales division, but they have been making and selling these products in their store for 13 years, and their customers love the products.
They use the finest ingredients and essential oils, and they never use bargain fillers or chemicals.
Why We Are Different
Saponify Naturals is the New Direct Sales division of an established family company led by Master Soapmakers. Their recipes and techniques have been handed down for 9 generations.... Since 1762.

Soap, salve, and lotion making is a family tradition. Their knowledge base and traditions are extensive and treasured. ‚ÄčAll Saponify Naturals products are made from scratch, by hand, in the USA. That will never change. Our premium products are always consistent, and made with the finest and purest ingredients.

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