Sunset Gourmet with Terry – Canada Direct Sales Company

Sharing Sunset Gourmet in the kitchens of Canadians is a passion and love of mine. Fantastic flavours and simplicity of creating gourmet products in your home makes everyone look like a chef! From the beverage to the dessert, everything is covered in this catalogue. Having 48 out of 60 products that are gluten free also adds to the popularity of this product. Using the seasonings adds delicious to all the meals you are already creating in your kitchen. These seasonings can also be made into delicious dips by either adding sour cream and mayonnaise for a cold dip or cream cheese for a hot dip. Yummy is my best description! The seasonings range from sodium free to 5%. Very much lower than your store bought and they also have no fillers. All natural vegetable and herbs. All our dips can be made in 3 choices. A cold dip, a hot dip or a cheese ball 2 packages in each box. The soups are all super easy and delicious. We carry 3 beer breads. Add 1 can of any carbonated beverage, stir until moistened and pop in the oven. How much easier can it get! The sauces and jellies are sompunched with flavour they can’t compare with any others. Highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. Very unique and picks up every item you add them to. All of our dessert mixes are over the top delicious and so quick and easy.

Browse through our catalogue and check out nutritional factors as you go. There is no msg added to any of our products.

If sharing these products yourself is something that might interest you I include information on the opportunity.
I offer you the opportunity to earn 30% on everything you sell while enjoying a 30% discount on everything you buy. Everyone eats why not give Sunset Gourmet a try!

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Terry Baumle
Senior Sales Director